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We provide training to civilians, active duty/reserve military, veterans, law enforcement, and protection specialists. All of our courses are open enrollment courses and anyone can attend them. Our courses provide Civilians, Military, Law Enforcement & Veterans with the best protection and trauma medic courses available. Our courses can be taken individually or grouped together in “Pipelines”. Relevant courses compliment each other and are scheduled back-to-back. Our training pipelines produce highly trained protection specialists suitable for duty in non-permissive environments, or on professional corporate and celebrity protection teams.

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other courses coming soon

  • Evasive Driving
  • Advanced High Threat Protection
  • International Security Advisor
  • Conflict Management Negotiator (K.R.E.T.)™

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We offer information sessions for many of our job training programs. The information session offers you the opportunity to learn all about the programs in a relaxed environment.
Our instructors will be available at this time to answer all of your questions. Call us at 760.795.6820 to register.

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