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about high threat protection program

The High Threat Protection (HTP) Course is a 19-day, protective specialist course that has been approved by the US Department of Veterans Affairs for GI Bill ® funding. This course is the final phase of the 35 Day High Threat Protection Specialist Certificate. The HTP course bridges the gap between conventional domestic protective operations and war-zone PSD work. The 19-day HTP course will provide the training, knowledge, and skill sets, to be a proficient protective team leader / member in all threat areas by focusing on one of the most challenging protective environments, the High Threat-Low Profile area of operations.

Participants will be expected to plan entire details, advance their routes, venues, safe-zones, medical facilities, prepare complete mission plans in our state of the art computer labs, design contingencies for all what-ifs, and run the details. While on detail you will be provided opportunities to validate training received in surveillance detection, route planning, and other emergency contingencies. Your first group of details will be conducted half way through this course segment in order to provide students with full multimedia debriefs of any exploitation or successes while on detail. This provides participants time to work on opportunities before the final set of details at the end of the 35 day pipeline.


why attend miracosta?

  • GI Bill ® approved, WIOA funding approved programs

  • Accelerated training can get you into a job in less than a month

  • We provide transportation to/from the airport, the hotel, and all class locations

Course Length
19 days

Hours of Instruction
Monday-Sunday, 9:00am - 5:00pm

No felonies; No domestic violence convictions

what you will learn

  • Handgun shooting package
  • Live fire immediate action drills
  • Four, full protective details
  • Combatives for protective specialists
  • Driver down drills
  • Live fire vehicle down drills
  • Tactical   trauma care / TC3 provider certification
  • Computer labs for mission package preparation
  • Practical surveillance detection drills
  • Live fire client extraction drills
  • Force on force protective scenarios
  • Practical advance work
  • Foreign weapons live fire
  • Live fire battlefield pick-up drills
  • Unlawful detention module (defeat a variety of restraints)
  • Vehicle tactics, reverse clinic, unlawful check point procedures
  • Site, route, threat, & risk assessments
  • Mexico protective operations tactics & procedures

after course completion


If students attend all classes, complete the necessary coursework, and pass the required tests, students will receive a Letter of Skills Completion and a Certificate of Accomplishment from MiraCosta College.

Career Paths

Examples of possible careers include high threat executive protection agent, sensitive facility security, corporate security professional, high threat static security, WPS personal security team member, Federal protective services, private security contractor, Department of State protection specialist, or Diplomatic security specialist. Salaries range significantly, depending on the type of job and the level of experience, but can be up to $200,000 a year.

meet your instructors

Jonathon Bissett

Jonathon Bissett was in the Marine Corps for four years as an infantry rifleman. He is currently in the Army National Guard and working as a protection specialist. He is a weapons and tactics instructor, teaching combat marksmanship, tactics, close quarters battle, low light techniques, and foreign weapons.

Chris Cluff

Chris Cluff started his protection career protecting corporate clients in the Chicago area and is an executive protection medic with operational experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Colombia and domestically. Mr. Cluff is also a certified DOD Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Instructor, Levels 1 and 2. He is a nationally registered paramedic and advanced tactical practitioner, Illinois State licensed paramedic with numerous specialty care endorsement. Mr. Cluff is a certified Tactical Combat Casualty Care instructor (NAEMT).

Curtis Fish

Curtis Fish served in the Army for over 20 years. He was a SF Team Member, Operational Detachment Alpha Operations Sergeant, Assistant Force Modernization Officer. He worked in executive protection, as well as taught tactical rifle and pistol, physical fitness, basic combative, and K-9 courses in D.C. He was the President of Whitehorse Consulting, teaching high threat, executive protection, and off-road vehicle driving. He has developed advanced marksmanship courses for law enforcement and US government contractors. He is currently teaching executive protection, high threat protection, and international coursework for MiraCosta College.

Charles Robeson

Charles Robeson was in the US Coast Guard for six years. During this time, he was a boarding officer, gunners mate, and a maritime safety security team MLE/FP. Charles has experience as a security officer at the San Diego International Airport, a firearms instructor at multiple training academies, and has fixed and built rifles. He is currently an executive protection agent specializing in High Threat environments. He is also teaching topics in surveillance detection, threat assessment, security protocol, client movements, basic driving, firearms, foreign weapons, emergency movement procedures, tactical movement and problem solving.

Rick Sweeney

Rick Sweeney has been in the security field for 25 years, specializing in high-threat protective operations. He has spent much of his career leading security teams in places like Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Lebanon, Iraq, Mexico, El Salvador, Brazil, Colombia, Honduras and other elevated risk areas. Mr. Sweeney has protected fortune 500 CEOs and celebrities in some of the most challenging environments in the world. Mr. Sweeney is a certified Tactical Combat Casualty Care instructor (NAEMT) and has program managed US Government anti-terrorism courses and civilian high threat protection courses for thousands of students throughout his career.


The HTPS course has mastered the art of ensuring students retain the knowledge through high stress situations. I have never seen instruction of this caliber before. The HTPS instructors showed professionalism, passion for the training, and advanced knowledge of the subjects. I feel the course was absolutely worth the time and money. I strongly believe I now have the necessary skills to enter the field and be an asset to any company I choose to work for.

The High Threat Protection course far exceeded my expectations, especially for a VA funded course. Having completed numerous schools over the span of 23 years in the military, this is far and away one of THE BEST courses I’ve attended. Minimal time in the classroom with maximum time and effort on the range, in the dirt, and in an actual operating environment. This course sets the standard for what all other courses in this industry should strive for. Top notch group of professionals! Each instructor took a sincere interest in sharing their knowledge and experience.

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