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about the computer numerical control (cnc) courses

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operation

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operation is a 112-hour class. The first day will include safety, an introduction to terminology and basic blueprint reading. The rest of the course will have lots of demonstration and hands-on instruction. Learn how to interpret G&M codes and operate both a HAAS CNC mill and lathe. Students will also get exposure to CAD/CAM software.

Introduction to CNC Programming

Introduction to CNC Programming uses MasterCam Mill 2017. In this introductory course, students learn how to design basic CNC programs for a three-axis CNC milling machine. Students will be instructed on G&M codes, Boolean logic, and machine and control definitions. In addition, the class will cover basic aspects of post configuration, variable definitions, formatting, post lines, post text, modality, and control definitions.

Intermediate CNC Programming

Intermediate CNC Programming also uses MasterCam Mill 2017. This course will provide students with trade-specific tips and tricks, whether they are within the production or the programming department. This course will teach additional topics for more intricate programs and designs. HAAS simulators will be used to test run the programs.

AutoCAD for Manufacturing

New this fall, we are offering a 15-hour AutoCAD for Manufacturing course. Students will be introduced to Autodesk Inventor, a 3D mechanical design software. This program allows students to move from 2D to 3D images. In this course, students will also learn how to transform their CAD drawing to a usable CAM image.


why attend miracosta?

  • Industry relevant curriculum

  • Reduced prices due to grant funding

  • Accelerated training to help you move up in your job

  • We will gladly work with companies willing to pay for employee training

CNC Operation: $2,100. Tuition is FREE through the DOL funded America’s Promise Grant. NOTE: A $175 charge to cover administrative costs will be collected upon registration

CNC Programming: $200. Tuition is FREE through the DOL funded America’s Promise Grant. NOTE: A $75 charge to cover administrative costs will be collected upon registration

AutoCAD for Manufacturing:  $100. Tuition is FREE through the DOL funded America’s Promise Grant. NOTE: A $50 charge to cover administrative costs will be collected upon registration

Course Length
CNC Operation is 112 hours
CNC Programming courses are 30 hours each
AutoCAD for Manufacturing is 15 hours

Hours of Instruction
Evenings or weekends
Please see the events calendar for dates/times

Completion of enrollment documents. Students must be at least 15 years of age. For the intermediate programming course, student must have previously taken a MasterCam course.

what you will learn

CNC Operation

  • Safety
  • Terminology
  • Basic blueprint reading
  • Interpreting G&M codes
  • Operation of CNC mill
  • Operation of CNC lathe

CNC Programming

  • G&M Codes
  • Theory & basic math
  • Definitions
  • Trade tips & tricks
  • HAAS simulators
  • MasterCam Mill 2017

AutoCAD for Manufacturing

  • Autodesk Inventor
  • 2D to 3D workflow
  • Introduction to product design and modeling
  • Introduction to design automation

after course completion


If you successfully complete the CNC Operation course, you will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment. If you complete one programming course, we can issue a certificate for $15. If you successfully complete both CNC Programming courses, we will issue a Certificate of Accomplishment.

Career Paths

This training is designed to help you move up within your current company, or to enhance your skillset for your next Machinist job.

meet your instructor

Robert Timby
CNC Operation Instructor

Robert Timby is the owner of Alacrity Manufacturing and has been operating and programming CNC machines since 1995.  He has been a Lead Programmer/Machinist, programmed 2 to 4 axis CNC mills and 2 axis CNC lathes with Swift Engineering, and Alts Tool and Machine.  He is a Journeyman in manual and CNC machines from California Industrial Standards.  Mr. Timby also served as a U.S. Marine for six years repairing helicopters..

Max RoshenskyC. S. (Sam) Richards
AutoCAD for Manufacturing Instructor

C. S. (Sam) Richards worked as an expat industrial engineer in Hong Kong, and helped re-shore consumer electronics manufacturing from Japan in the 1980s. Sam operated his own product development business in San Diego before consulting in Lean Manufacturing. He is certified in Lean Technology (UCSD) and Digital Systems Design (SDSU), and was an aerospace industry representative at Lean Aircraft Initiative at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Sam holds a BS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology and MS in High Technology Management from National University. Most recently, Sam helps prepare students for career advancement in high tech industries.

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