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about the solidWorks ® & 3D printing program

Beginning SolidWorks ® for 3D Printing

Beginning SolidWorks ® for 3D Printing shows students how to use SolidWorks ® mechanical design software to build models of parts, assemblies, and drawings. This class will also cover design intent, how to modify previously created features, model interrogation and troubleshooting. The class will demonstrate how to export CAD data for 3D printing, machining, and 2D drawing generation in a variety of formats.

Intermediate SolidWorks ® for 3D Printing

Once you know the basics of SolidWorks ®, take your CAD skills to the next level with this intermediate class geared toward designing for prototyping. This class will expand the student’s knowledge relating to surface model creation, discuss the prototyping options available and the benefits of each option, and what to take into account when designing for prototype creation. The student will take away an in-depth knowledge of prototype options and intermediate modeling tools to create more complex products.

Advanced Topics in SolidWorks ®

In the Advanced Topics in SolidWorks ® class, students will learn advanced features. The topics are focused toward students with prior exposure to CAD modeling. The topics covered include: multibody solids, modeling advanced shapes, advanced surfaces, and advanced shaping capabilities.


why attend miracosta?

  • Industry relevant curriculum

  • Reduced prices due to grant funding

  • Accelerated training to help you move up in your job

  • We will gladly work with companies willing to pay for employee training

Tuition $200

Course Length
30 hours each

Hours of Instruction
Evenings, 6:00-9:00pm
Please see the events calendar for dates

Completion of enrollment documents. Students must be at least 15 years of age. For intermediate and advanced courses, student must have previously taken SolidWorks ® coursework.

what you will learn

  • Using SolidWorks®, build models of parts, assemblies, drawing
  • Design intent
  • How to modify previously created features
  • Troubleshooting
  • Prototyping

after course completion


If you successfully complete a program under 50 hours, we can issue a certificate for $15. If you complete two or three of the SolidWorks® courses, will issue you a Certificate of Accomplishment.

Career Paths

This training is designed to help you move up within your current company, or to enhance your skillset for your next job.

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