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Can I go to a FREE information session to learn about my program?

We offer FREE information sessions for many of our Job Training Programs so that you can learn all about the content, pre requisites, course expectations, and student learning outcomes for your chosen program. Please go to SCHEDULE to find out the times and dates for upcoming Information Sessions. They are also listed under Free Information Session page.

Do I have to take exams?

All of the job training programs have tests and exams along the way. However, since our programs are not-for-credit, there is no transcript that will have those test grades on them. Nevertheless, our courses are college level and not designed to be “easy”. The tests and exams will assist you and your instructor to determine your understanding of the course content and will be part of the overall assessment of your progress. Please be aware that if you consistently score low on your course tests and exams, you may be at risk of failing the course. Those students who fail a course will not receive a course certificate.

Do I need to have a driving license?

No, it is not essential, but it is extremely useful. Students and Graduates who can drive will have an easier time getting to class and will have a wider range of job possibilities. If you do need to take public transportation, please give us a call and we can direct you to the appropriate bus system.

How Do I apply for the training program I want?

It is easy to enroll in one of our classes or programs. You do not need to be an enrolled MiraCosta College student to sign up. You can either call or email our office to find out when the next FREE information session is being offered, or you can go directly online to fill out an application for the program you desire.
Call: 760.795.6820
Email: tci@miracosta.edu
Application: https://apricot.socialsolutions.com/document/edit/id/new/form_id/15

How much can I expect to earn?

It is always difficult to say just how much you can expect to earn by going through one of our job training programs. What we can tell you is that we are training people for careers, not just short term jobs. Therefore, we strive to offer programs that result in higher than average wages for their employees, and higher than average jobs available. Most of our programs result in careers that have starting wages of $12 - $28 per hour.

How old do I have to be?

You have to be at least 18 years old due to take our training programs due to the hiring requirements for TCI graduates. The exception to this is our Veterinary Assistant program. We will accept mature 16 & 17 year olds to that program, although you will need a parent’s signature on the liability waiver form.

How will disabilities or health issues affect my ability to participate?

We make every possible effort to assist individuals with handicaps or medical issues to succeed in this training program. Some of our training programs lead to jobs where individuals are required to stand for extended periods of time and use repetitive hand motions, so applicants should consider whether they have the endurance and dexterity to perform this kind of work and be a viable candidate for employment in this field.

I am over 50, am I too old to take a training program and expect to be hired?

We have had many over 50 students successfully attend our job training programs and find satisfying careers in their newly chosen field. It is never about age, but rather about attitude! We also find that our more mature students tend to rise quickly into leadership roles within their new jobs due to their expansive work history and greater wisdom. We encourage anyone who is over 50 to come to one of our FREE information sessions or drop by for a tour of our TCI facility to chat with us about your career goals.

If I leave a course early, can I get a refund?

Once a course has begun, we do not refund students who wish to leave the program. Of course, there are always exceptions in cases of extreme hardship and we will address these on a case by case basis. Our recommendation to you is that if you plan to attend one of our job training programs, please take into consideration the accelerated nature of the course and clear your schedule as much as possible to attend ALL classes and program requirements.

What are the minimum requirements to apply for this program?

In most cases applicants should:

  • be able to read, write, and understand English at a10-grade level
  • have the dexterity and endurance necessary to work for hours in a commercial kitchen
  • have housing, transportation, and child-care arrangements in order so that they can reliably attend training sessions
  • be clean and sober for at least the past year
  • not have a history of violent or sexual criminal offenses

What experience do I need?

In most cases, or training programs are designed for the beginner. However, for some courses we do recommend an aptitude in the field you wish to pursue. For example, our machining program does not require the knowledge of machine usage, but some experience using power equipment and tools can be helpful.

What if I get sick and miss one or more classes?

Due to the intense and accelerated nature of our training programs, we require that students attend 90% of the course. This allows for an occasional absence due to illness or personal necessity, but not much more than that. For shorter programs, that may mean missing only one full day class session. If you fall below the attendance requirements, you will need to discuss options with the instructor, and potentially the program Director.

What is the difference between your programs and MiraCosta credit classes?

We are not allowed by California State Education code to award credit for those who participate in our training programs. This does not mean that the courses are in any way inferior to credit classes. We hire instructors of the highest caliber with real world expertise, and the curriculum is vetted thoroughly by industry advisory boards. In fact, some of the programs we offer consist of as many instructional hours as one would be required to earn an AA degree in that subject. We offer training in specialties where an AA degree is not required for employability.

What might disqualify a candidate or reduce chances of being selected to participate in this program?

We recognize that every individual has a unique background and set of challenges; therefore we always evaluate eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

Our goal is to help those with obstacles to finding employment gain the skills to overcome those obstacles. Individuals with personal challenges that have made securing employment difficult should not hesitate to apply if they are prepared to put in the effort necessary to rise above them. We only ask that applicants sincerely evaluate if they are prepared to make a serious commitment to the hard work involved, and capable of safely and efficiently working in the field you have chosen.

What support do I get?

We take our role as a job training institute seriously and our primary goal is to help you succeed. To that end, we have staff available to all students to assist with connecting to industry partners. These individuals help make sure you are not only successful getting through the training program but that you also land the right job when it is finished. It is their job to help YOU, so just ask!

What kind of certificates will I receive?

MiraCosta College Community Education & Workforce Development will provide all program graduates with a Certificate of Accomplishment. Some of our programs have additional certifications that may be earned based on student performance and State or Federal requirements. All of our courses for which State or Federal Certification is required for employment always meet at least minimum standards for those certifications.

What training will I receive?

All of our programs are designed to be very hands-on and industry relatable. They have all been created with industry advisories, and expert curriculum developers. Some of our training programs have won awards and is one of the key reasons students choose our job training programs. The number of hours assigned for each course is carefully evaluated for maximum effectiveness without causing you added time or money to successfully achieve the student learning outcome and certification requirements. Some of the courses have either a mandatory or suggested externship requirement.

Will you make sure I get a job after the training?

Although we can’t guarantee job placement once you finish your training program, we have staff available to all students to assist students with connecting to industry partners. These individuals help make sure you are not only successful getting through the training program but that you also land the right job when it is finished. We have an excellent relationship with various industries, security agencies, and healthcare organizations. They are well aware of our excellent programs and look forward to hiring program graduates as the need arises.

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